House of Tolerance logo
Client: House of Tolerance

Tihany Product Design logo
Client: Tihany Product Design

AIAXAIA wordmark



Pure Water
Client: Hampshire Hotels

Play at The Broadmoor
Client: The Broadmoor Hotel


Stripes And Stripes

MIT Neuroeconomics Laboratory
Client: MIT

11 Industries
Client: 11 Industries


Client: Jewish Film Festival

First Born Films
Client: First Born Films

Maingate Lakeside Resort
Client: Maingate Lakeside Resort


Client: Jewish Film Festival

Liberal Democratic Party
Client: Liberal Democratic Party (Serbia)

Atlas Print Solutions
Client: Atlas Print Solutions


Bochic Fine Jewelry
Client: Bochic

Richfield Hospitality
Client: Richfield Hospitality

The Big Red
Client: Charlie Palmer Group and The Joule Hotel


Charlie Palmer at The Joule
Client: Charlie Palmer Group

Tihany Design
Client: Tihany Design

La Fonda Del Sol
Client: Patina Restaurant Group


Client: The Broadmoor hotel

The Joule Hotel
Client: The Joule

The Time Hotel
Client: The Time


Client: Spread Lounge

Shvo Water
Client: Shvo

The Orphan Society of America
Client: OSA


Dining In
Client: The New York Times

Auschwitz Jewish Center
Client: Auschwitz Jewish Center

African Network for Genocide
and Mass Atrocity Prevention
Client: AIPR


Auschwitz Institute for Peace and Reconciliation
Client: AIPR

Andrew Young & Co
Client: Andrew Young & Co.

Memorial Center Sajmište
Client: Memorial Center Sajmište

Museum of History of Yugoslavia
Client: MIJ

Ristorante Del Lago
Client: The Broadmoor hotel

Casa Moderna
Client: Casa Moderna